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Black Pinto Horse Fine Arts
Meet the Artists,

Greetings from Black Pinto Horse Fine Arts,
Emily and Monte Yellow Bird,
Walk down a trail of color, stories and heritage with husband and wife duo, Emily and Monte Yellow Bird. 
They will guide your students down this vibrant trail to new discoveries, creativity and self exploration using the springboard of art and culture, weaving together golden threads of history, math and science and trimming it with character building and healthy choices.  As you trot down this trail together, they will invite you to share your accomplishments and set new goals as you compose visual art projects such as Mud Ponies, Warrior Shields, Ledger Art and Winter Counts.  "If you’re going to shine, shine brightly", Mr. Yellow Bird’s coined phrase, is just what you will be doing as you exchange gifts while respecting and supporting one another.
We do our best to tailor our programs to meet the individual needs or concerns of the schools, as well as connect it to themes or units teachers may be covering in other core subject areas, reaching specific Benchmarks.  We also offer fantastic team-building workshops for teachers. 

600 students attended Fort Totten Days, Fort Totten ND
"Our district is far richer after your visit and your work with our students and teachers....We have a fairly experienced teaching staff. They have seen and experienced a lot of workshops. They simply raved about your work with their students. Again, thank you so much for your work here. You made a real impact."
- Paul Ritter, Fine Arts Coordinator for Missoula schools

"I'm going to study harder in school because I've realized how important education is." - 11th grade student, Fargo ND

Our Mission:

To provide high quality art education to a wide range of audiences while creating an environment conducive to learning, where individuals feel safe to take and share a historical, personal and visual journey through self expression.

"Your programs are priceless!"    ~Art Teacher,
Bridger Alternative High school, Bozeman MT

Our Goals
  1. Increase the participants' knowledge and understanding of their identity.
  2. Focus on creating an awareness and aesthetical appreciation of the arts
  3. Provide an interactive, hands-on, stimulating environment which inspires the individual to explore and create
  4. Enhance students' imagination and develop self awareness.
Who Benefits?
  • Educational school systems
  • At-risk students
  • Students with Special Needs
  • Communities
  • Teachers continuing education
  • Corporate systems

K- 12, Teachers, Universities and Corporations
United States and Canada as well as overseas.

Workshop vs. Artist in Residence
Workshop: 1-3 days
Artist Residence: 4 days - 1 year

NDSU Native Waters Teacher Continuing Education Warrior Shield Workshop

Warrior Shield Artist in Residence
Programs (include but not limited to):



"If You're Going to Shine, Shine Brightly"

More Choices:

Black Pinto Horse tells the children "The Porcupine and the Buffalo",a traditional story that teaches about relationships.
Fort Union Artist Showcase
NDSU Cultural Diversity Week
Art Councils:

Monte and Emily are registered with Montana, North and South Dakota Art Councils, where grants can be accessed.  Their profile can be seen by clicking on the following:


Montana Arts Council

Let us know how we can better assist you in determining programs best suitable to your students as well as scheduling your fine art programs today.  To request a packet of materials or inquire of prices, email Emily @

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