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The End of What Trail Exhibit, IAIA, Santa Fe NM, September

Ishi, Last of His Tribe, earthen-ware clay
First Place sculpture, Northern Plains Indian Art Show, Sioux Falls SD, October 2006

"I wanted to let you know that the jurors were very impressed by your art piece,
"Ishi, Last of His Tribe".  And the reaction by the audience was always positive.  We had 120 Native American high school students come in and visit the exhibit over a one-weekend period, and I would always tell the story about Ishi when talking about the piece.  It affected the students greatly, and they would pull out their binders and start taking notes.  It was a very powerful piece, Mr. Yellow Bird.  It was a privilege and honor to have it in the show."
- Jessie Ryker-Crawford

PANGEA, Heritage Hjemkomst, Moorhead MN, November

PANGEA, November 10, 2007, Black Pinto Horse talks about the importance of communication through his paintings.  He tells the traditional Arikara story, The Porcupine and the Buffalo(interpreted in this piece), told to him by his grandparents to teach about boundaries.

Cultivating Our Cultures.....Celebrating our community's traditions and cultures with this local multi-ethnic festival, PANGEA

Installation Reception, Sheridan College, Sheridan WY, October

Barbara, a new friend and employee of Sheridan College, stands with Black Pinto Horse in front of "The Calling of the Elk", as the piece has become a new part of the Sheridan College collection.  An installation reception was held October 30th where the new work was presented to the public.

Northern Plains Indian Art Market, Sioux Falls SD, September

Wanda Blacksmith Peacock, an enrolled member of the Lower Brule Sioux tribe, uses her expert eye for color and design to bring you these precious collectibles.  They serve as a reminder of the good heart of the Lakota People.


A collector from Chicago IL purchases Eagle Speaks

Fort Totten Days, Fort Totten ND, September

Black Pinto Horse statue, owned by the Pepsi Corporation, with the assistance and support of Lake Region State College, served as the backdrop for the telling of the Porcupine and the Buffalo

  Four Winds Community School students create their own ledger art and tell their story

International Friendship Festival, Pelican Rapids MN, June

Children watch and ask questions as Black Pinto Horse explains quill work.

He presented traditional storytelling and singing at the
International Friendship Festival, June 23.

Participants of shield project from Spamarta

Contact us at to schedule programs in your community.

Cowboy Hall of Fame, Medora ND, May

Black Pinto Horse standing with his piece,
Three River Horse Trade at the opening Reception Memorial Day weekend

Upper Midwest Honors Council Conference, Dickinson ND, April

Dickinson State University was the host of "Peoples of the Prairie."

The conference aimed to educate and empower honors professionals and students within District Four of the Upper Midwest Regional Honors Council through both an academic track and cultural track. 

Dr. Jim Tallmon directed the panel discussion similar to that of a "town hall meeting"; very informal, where Clay Jenkinson,  J. Nathan Matias and Monte Yellow Bird talked about their journeys to where they are today, and how to inspire students to do interesting, imaginative work.  The panel then fielded questions from the audience. 

Monte Yellow Bird standing with Tweed Roosevelt and flute player, Keith Bear

Native Peoples magazine, March


Native Peoples, March/ April, 2007 issue
"On the Wind Shards"

"Monte Yellow Bird, better known as Black Pinto Horse, is one busy man!. "he participated in several major art exhibitions in the upper Plains and in Scottsdale AZ."  The event of the Lake Agassiz buffalo painting was included; "he saw his donated buffalo replica sold to raise funds for a nonprofit organization."   Fargo ND was put on the map with the recognition given for his participation at NDSU for Native American month, "...a featured speaker at a special event honoring Native American Month..." as well as his working with teachers in Fargo elementary school.  This is just a taste of the acknowledgement of this gifted Arikara artist."
                                   NATIVE PEOPLES

Trail of Painted Ponies, Carefree AZ, February

In the headquarters of The Trail of Painted Ponies, Black Pinto Horse Fine Arts, meets with Rod Barker, the president and Karlynn Keyes, vice president.

Visit Trail of Painted Ponies website at

The Four Seasons Resort, Artist in Residence, Peter A. Roybal, Scottsdale

Farewell to my good friend, Jeweler, Master Bow maker, Four Seasons Resort Gallery-director,  Peter A. Roybal (Evergreen Shaking)

Evergreen Shaking departed this life in early June, we spent our last wonderful time with him at the Heard Museum Indian Art Show. We will miss him dearly.

Happy journey my friend.



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