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7th Indigenous Peoples Market, Mt. Pleasant MI, October

New collector, Anne Schallhorn Parker, a professor at the University of Michigan, was very adamant of her purchase.  Coming into the booth she said, "I want that one," and she left with a smile and piece in hand. 

3rd Annual Cherokee Indian Art Market, Tulsa OK, October

Right: Geraldine Jones purchased Blue Thunder Ponies, a paper works that was freshly finished.

12th Annual Harvest Moon Ball, Art Auction and Dinner @ Glacier Park Lodge in East Glacier MT, September

New owners of "Indian Paint Brush Pony", Monti and her husband, will display this colt proudly in Tucson AZ.  Monti mentioned she will be advising their three little ones not to expect a ride from this colt.

Shayne Hall(left) states, "The Harvest Moon Ball benefits the Blackfeet Reservation and community.  The proceeds go to community vitality projects.  It's one of our favorite events of the year.  Everyone gets to get dressed up in their country formal attire.  We have some of our best and brightest artists come out to support the endowment fund."

The surprise sale of the evening was certainly, "Lead Horse", Black Pinto Horse's quick finish piece, completed within the first 1.5 hours of the evenings events. 

Black Pinto Horse: High Spirits; Paris Gibson Square Museum
August 7 - September 13

The director, Kathy Lear and the curator, Bob Gibson along with the elder and his wife, Todd and Sandy Buffalo stand with Black Pinto Horse Fine Arts during the opening reception of Black Pinto Horse: High Spirits. 

"He Charges Alone, Tom Rogers WWI Scout", 48" x 36", Mixed Medium, oil on canvas w/ horsehair

Charges Alone, whose Americanized name is Thomas Rogers, worked for the “Intelligence Service,” crossing into “no man’s land” to locate enemy machine gun positions and to determine the enemy’s strength.  Whether he realized it or not, his role was like that of the old Arikara scouts who had served with Custer. 

Black Pinto Horse introduces his newest work "He Charges Alone, Tom Roger WWI Scout" along with 22 other original pieces created within the years 2008-2004.

Fort Union Indian Art Showcase, Williston ND, August 9 & 10

"In the art world I carry my traditional name, my Indian name they call it, it's Black Pinto Horse and  the kind of work I do is very contemporary. And I guess my rational, the way I think about it, the American Indian people, we're not on the plains living in tepees or earth lodges anymore.  We're in homes, schools, we're educators and we've evolved.  Thus far, all of the things we're a part of in life has evolved as well."        - Black Pinto Horse

Black Pinto Horse & and a new collector, Carolyn Hammer, of "The One Truth" original, introduce a new work in progress

Arbor Day Celebration, Columbia Falls, MT, May 3

Arbor Day Auction, Black Pinto Horse's original "The Tree of Life" and a reproduction of Four Moons Passing with there new owners.

Black Pinto Horse interprets "the Tree of Life" original donated to the Colombia Falls Arbor Day Celebration

Teacher Exhibit, Paris Gibson Square Museum, May-August

A Teacher's exhibit at the Paris Gibson Square Museum, Great Falls, MT, displays works by both Black Pinto Horse and Emily Yellow Bird.

"Share the Gifts", by Emily Yellow Bird

KFBB News Interview, Great Falls MT, July 11

Black Pinto Horse is interviewed by TV station, KFBB, in his studio at the Paris Gibson Square Museum.

The segment showcased some of the artist's newest works and educated the viewers about his extended contract with the museum as Artist in Residence. 

Heard Indian Art Market, Phoenix AZ, March

Black Pinto Horse was demonstrating his stylistic oil painting in the courtyard area of this internationally recognized show and sale.



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