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Memorial of the High Plains, North Dakota State University Commission, Unveiling Commemoration, Fargo ND, November

Martha Olsen, Executive Director of The Arts Partnership and Brad Schlossman, CEO of West Acres Mall, grace the event with their knowledge of public art; a star-studded cast.

Left:  Black Pinto Horse Fine Arts standing with Esther Hockett, curator of the Memorial Union Gallery- a wonderful partner in a successful project.

Right:  Burning the midnight oil

Black Pinto Horse, A Vision of Color and Tradition, Memorial Union Gallery, Fargo ND, November- December

As he shares his gift of art with students from area schools, Black Pinto Horse includes historical and traditional stories which captivate.

Artist Reception Presentation

Cherokee Art Market , Hard Rock Casino, Tulsa OK, October
"Goes Ahead, Crow Pony", continues to gain recognition during the Juried shows.  Winning second place, one of the judges shared the following,   "It stood out as we judged the paintings at the Cherokee Art Market."

Harvest Moon Ball, East Glacier MT, September 26

Held at the nostalgic Glacier Lodge, the backdrop was equally as beautiful.

Middle: In addition to being a contributing artist, Black Pinto Horse was this year's emcee for the Harvest Moon Ball

Demonstrating a warm-up exercise of the bidding technique.

An estimated $35,000 in art sales, destined to add to the Blackfeet Community Foundation's endowment.

Black Pinto Horse with the Blackfeet Community Foundation Executive Director and community developer, Eloise Cobell.

Mary and Rusty continue to collect some of Black Pinto Horse's chosen favorites, such as "From the Center is Where Life Comes".

Red Earth Ponies, highest selling piece of the evening, purchased by continued collector, Monti

Santa Fe Indian Art Market, Santa Fe NM, August

Admiring the work of Black Pinto Horse, Kevin Gover,  the director of the Smithsonian for the American Indian, was very interested in hearing the stories that each painting holds. 

"The Blessing" will be hanging in this accountant's office in New York City.  The date on the ledger is on his birthday and is a gift from his wife.

The show included 1,200 artists from about 100 tribes who showed their work in over 600 booths. The event attracted an estimated 100,000 visitors to Santa Fe from all over the world.

Wes Studi, polished actor in roles such as Geronimo and Magua(Last of the Mohicans), is a pleasant individual whom we are pleased to have met during the IAIA auction.

This lovely Texan family collected two ledger pieces, "Butterfly Woman" and "From the Department of Transportation." 

Our second young collector was captivated by "And we seen the soldiers run like woman".  Like Black Pinto Horse, Stratton is also fond of history.

Coming back a second time to ponder over her purchase, Cynthia was lucky to purchase this ledger when she did- our last ledger piece sold just minutes after.

Owner of Harley Davidson, Bret Appleton, will become "The favorite uncle" when he gifts his niece, "I am the yellow horse from the south", which will warm the walls of her new house.

Big West Arts Festival, Sheridan WY, August

One of our favorite shows because of the hospitable and high energy staff, it continues to get better.  A good friend and previous collector of Eagle Staff Pony and others, continues to purchase some of our favorites; (L to R) Buffalo Prophecy II, Quick Draw piece and Emily's Iris's to add to her collection. 

A charming couple from Grand Forks ND purchased one of the most recent ledger art pieces.  They were familiar with Black Pinto Horse's work and have seen his life-size buffalo and "Four Moons Passing" that are on permanent display @ the West Acres Mall in Fargo ND.

Knife River Indian Village Cultural Celebration, Stanton ND, July
Throughout the event, Black Pinto Horse gave presentations on Ledger Art and incorporated stories of the Arikara and Hidatsa Nation.  Captivating the audience with his charisma and passion for teaching, he hit another home run.  The Park Service did as well; their hard work, hospitality and service making the event successful.

Right: A skilled Bow Maker from Minot ND and Artist have traded like our ancestors from old. 

Two Feather Splash, a very powerful water teaching, has been gaining momentum throughout the years.  An instrumental piece from the Buffalo Path Series, it has shown within many markets and has educated thousands; to a great home.

71st National Folk Festival, Butte MT, July

This gentleman walked the entire Folk Fest and returned, sharing this was the only piece that he liked best out of the entire show.  It will soon become a wedding gift for his sister.

This new collector viewed the pictographic images, heard their story and quickly purchased these two ledger art pieces; must have's.

Only the third time this festival has been held west of the Mississippi.  It was first presented in 1934 and is the oldest multicultural festival in the nation.  Butte, Montana is the host city for the 70th-72nd National Folk Festivals in 2008-2010.  Art, music and dance traditions from every part of the nation were on display and was attended by an estimated 100,000. 

Collectors of artists such as Kandinsky and Warhol, this German couple become the new owners of Hidatsa Buffalo.

Eiteljorg Museum Native Art Market, Indianapolis IN, June

"Goes Ahead, Crow Pony " receives honorable mention in juried competition during market events

Black Pinto Horse with world renown Navajo artist, Tony Abeyta.

Right: A collector of Native American art becomes a collector of Black Pinto Horse.  As he shared, this piece will be hanging in his Western theme room in his second home on Lake Tahoe.

Red Earth Native Art Market, Oklahoma City OK, June

An art enthusiast, historian and familiar face, J. W. Bill Wiggins is an on-going collector of Black Pinto Horse's work.  He has been collecting ledger art from across the United States and will add "Hidatsa Sunflower"(not shown)to his vast collection.

A new collector(shown to the right) that admired the wit of this particular piece titled, "Peace Treaty, explained by the artist as, "It's what us husbands do when we are in the dog house."  The wife was with at the time and laughed, saying, "I appreciate this man's humor."  A little while later, the husband was back to purchase his "Peace Treaty".

A commission piece titled, " Siksika " created specifically for this man, is very fitting, as he walks the earth, yearning to learn more about his Blackfoot heritage and growing stronger as an individual for his family in the process.  We had a pleasant visit with this beautiful family and experienced a special gift.  The artist explained each image, "The Cotton Wood leaves and their change of color represent the change and growth that comes with this new learned knowledge of your people...."

16th Annual Holter Art Auction Gala, Helena MT, June

Lovely in Lavender
12" x 28", Watercolor
Emily Yellow Bird
Spotted Horse Chief
9" x 12", Colored Pencil on Antique ledger paper, Northern Creamery Co. 1924 cir.
Black Pinto Horse



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