And With Smoke Came Horses

13" x 8", colored pencil on General Store
Milford CT ledger, cir.1875

This ledger is from Milford Maine general store cir. 1875 and illustrates the calling of ponies, the sacred dog or Elk dog, that are called upon for healing and prayer by horse medicine bundle keepers with the sacred pipe. The horses are revered as a gift to the people by the Creator to help them with the struggles of life both in a symbolic and literal manner as well.

In this piece a pipe is associated with the sacred dog (Horse) in which he becomes the messenger; they are believed to be the carrier of our prayers to our Creator, the “Chief that Sits Above”, having great speed, devotion and a strong hearted endurance on this long journey.

The horse is also been noted in the story of “The Race Between the Horse and the Buffalo “as told by the Arikara tribe (Alfred Morsette Sr.) as being a guardian/protector and pitied the people during their struggle with the buffalo nation when buffalo used to eat humans. To many tribes across the world the horse is enjoyed and respected as a companion as well as a integral part of our daily lives.