The Birth of Red Hawk

Designed on a Fargo ND formula ledger cir 1890's to 1900's, this ledger contains a collective works of natural and chemical formulas or remedies for a variety of aliments.  The author was somewhat of a alchemist in constructing this collections of these remedies.

The composition of "the Birth of Red Hawk" is paying tribute to one of many winged creatures that carry our hopes and prayers to "The Chief That Sits Above".

In more detail, the circles depict the transition of a divine power from four worlds (physical world, Human souls, the separation of deities and Divine world- unchanging world of divine powers, pure bliss) to a red tailed hawk deity. The Red Tailed Hawk serves as a messenger, guardian and a connective piece with mankind and the divine world- represented in a way that humans can understand.  On the right of the red hawk are the four worlds. The kneeling warrior represents mankind demonstrating humility.