Come Back & Fight is designed in colored Pencil on Antique ledger paper, Bearcreek MT, cir. 1928.  The Bearcreek area was known to be inhabited by the Absarokee or Crow nation and other northern plains tribes in the early 1800's.    

This piece demonstrates a warrior’s bravery in the midst of battle, chasing his enemy back and attacking a heavily armed line of opposition. This form of bravery is called “Charging the Line” and is performed by the bravest of warriors.  It is displayed to instill fear in their enemy and inspire the hearts of other warriors to follow.

Dressed in full regalia, War bonnet and lance with painted shield on top of a bobtailed war pony, the warrior rides into heavy gun and cannon fire to demonstrate honor and bravery to all that witness this great feat on this day. "Today is a good day to die".