Father Hear My Voice

This piece illustrates three major components of a warrior’s/ leader’s life; The first being his horse, second, his connection with Creator and the last is his hope for his people.  The simplicity of the images demonstrates a fraternal connection and a humble request to his Great Father to hear his voice.    

He is standing away from his companion, The Holy Dog, so he can stand alone, before his sacred Father.    The horse was a blessing and gift to the First Nation peoples.  In the Arikara language there is no specific word for horse; the combination of the words Holy or sacred and dog make up the word for Horse (Holy Dog).  “As a horseman, I have always had a close connection with the Holy Dog and our family has horse bundle medicine on our father’s side.  The carrier of my prayers is that of the horse, or Sacred Dog.” –Black Pinto Horse, Monte Yellow Bird