Good Night Yellow Bird
13" x 10.5", colored pencil on “Bonne Nuit” music sheet, Paris France, cir. 1872
Black Pinto Horse, Monte Yellow Bird
Arikara and Hidatsa tribe of North Dakota

A female represents the compassionate part of the societies as well as all beings. This young woman is dressed in regalia with bead designs distinctive of Plains tribes and the crosses on her dress symbolize stars.  She is so beautifully depicted saying "Good Night” (the title is translated from French) to the yellow bird to acknowledge its worth and importance to all people as well as to give it the same respect we give to all living beings.  Star Woman is saying "Good Night" to all of Creation.
The yellow bird is most significant to the artist's family and origin; his father's name was Willard Yellow Bird, his father's name was Charles Yellow Bird and his father's name was just Yellow Bird.  The yellow bird represents a power of life and is regarded highly by their family as the artist states, “It’s one of the sacred objects in one of our family bundles”.