Honey You’re a Peach 
is composed on an antique Levy of Real Estate, St. Louis MO cir.1800's in the 1800’s ledger art style using traditional medium to that era; colored pencils. The phrase is derived by the song written in 1940 by Cecil Taylor, “Southern Belle”.

Traditional ledger art subjects, historically, were based on the individual warrior’s reflection of what he remembered or wanted to leave behind for others to discover- they varied from tribe to tribe as well as warrior to warrior. The subject content did have similarities, as the vision of their lifestyle was a way of life and the ultimate influence of Western Expansion would affect and change the traditional way of life among all warriors.

In most ledger images, the warriors are depicted in three ways; a protector, brave and facing an enemy, warriors witnessing or participating in traditional ceremonies and finally, courtship. Honey, You’re a Peach, illustrates the courtship of a young warrior, young love and the growth of future generations. Outside of traditional Native American symbolism, the peach tree is a significant Chinese symbol for longevity or a sign of future success.

The blanket around the young couple in some tribes represents the maternal comfort and is often wrapped around an individual (s) designating honor. Seven blue circles symbolize the artist as the seventh son of his family and the red lodges facing each other represent the male and female from all four directions