If You Love Something Set It Free
  “If You Love Something Set It Free” is based on the phrase “If you love something set it free, if it comes back its yours, if not, it was never meant to be.  -author unknown”. It is designed in the traditional 1800’s ledger art style with color pencils on an antique ledger sheet from Wareham Mass. Cir.1805.  
  This rendition is depicted as the releasing of love in its purest and innocent form to the world as a white dove. Four lodges placed before her represent the directions- the color red on the bottom of the lodges are the four nations and generations of man in the world. Seven lodge poles and dress fringe designs denote the artist as the seventh son of his family.
  In the original phrase “if not it was never meant to be” suggests romantic conditional love and associated with possession or ownership. In this ledger, the meaning is that of unconditional love and encompasses all types of love. The beauty of this woman is the radiance of her innocence, faith & understanding of life.  The setting free of love to the world is knowing that the beauty of unconditional love exists without expectation and is an example of our Creator.