Life, Family, Thanksgiving
“Life, Family, Thanksgiving” is designed in the traditional 1800’s ledger art style with color pencils on an antique ledger sheet from The Great Northern, Stations Agent Cashbook.  September is the fall season; a time of changes and the welcoming of winter and the deep sleep of Mother Earth. The date of this ledger depicts the day after birth of Karen, the introduction of life and all the beauty it possess for this innocent child. The separation of the Fall season into Winter symbolizes the separation of child from the womb. Four lodges placed before her represent her three brothers, in blue and herself in red symbolic of the yellow with redwood stained house the family grew up in, sharing countless memories. This piece reflects the delicate nurturing of the relationship between a mother and her family sharing the traditional teachings of life. Women are the cornerstone or foundations of all societies. This teaching is expressed by the mother as, “My family, the Creator’s greatness can come as a powerful thunderstorm during the season of “Returning of the Buffalo” (spring) or as a delicate butterfly that flies among Mother Earth giving blessings to all”.   The three butterflies symbolize her husband Garry (brown), daughter Briann (turquoise) and son Nathanael (dark blue)- each displayed as their favorite color- as well as the mind, body and the soul; the places these teachings should reside. Mother is wearing blue to denote holiness and red for the generations that will follow.