Let the People Stop Crying, I Will Make a Pathway Through This Water

Again the people went on their way.  They soon came to another problem.  This time they came to a lake whose banks were mountains.  They went down to the lake's shore.  Then the people said, "Mother- Corn, what shall we do?  The lake is in the way."  Mother- Corn called upon God and said, "Hurry, help", and God sent a loon.  The loon came down and stood by the people.  It said, "Mother- Corn, I will help to make a pathway for your people."  The loon flew down to the lake and flew through the waters.  The waters opened and left the bottom of the lake dry so the people could cross.  Some drank from the lake and turned into fish.  These people stayed.  When they had crossed the lake, some of the people said, "Mother- Corn we want to stay with the wonderful bird, the Loon."  Mother Corn said ok.  Some of them turned into Loons and they stayed behind.  This problem was solved.           -Excerpt taken from the Arikara Creation Story told by Star