My Tribal Steel pony,...Life is good, is composed on a stationary sheet from Murdaugh Cycle Sales (Indian Motorcycles) of West Chester Pennsylvania in the 1800's traditional ledger art style with colored pencils. Four Teepee's (Lodges) in the background face the east and are decorated with colored flags, denoting the beginning of new things to come. Traditionally, lodges were set up faced to the east to welcome the beginning of life for the people and to acknowledge the Great Mystery.     Within the composition, six colors: Yellow, Red, White and Black, represent the four directions- Blue and Green represent the Heavens and Earth. 

The Chief, or leader, is riding a 1948 Indian Chief motorcycle, through the village in the direction of new things to come. The Tomahawk held in his hand symbolizes his ability to attack with confidence, pride and determination. The chief is riding among the sage, rocks and a running puppy follows. 

The sage is a plant that is used by tribal ceremonies as a spiritual cleansing element giving protection. The Rock signifies the Ancient Ones, or Stone Nation People; they are strong and remain the same since the beginning of time, carrying stories and traditions from the ancient world. The young puppy signifies loyalty, innocence, excitement and vitality. Life is good.