One Shot, One Kill
This ledger depicts the Rites of Passage of a young hunter on his journey to become a provider for his family and experience his first kill. In the event of the kill, the elk is prayed with to thank Creator for this gift and to thank the elk for its sacrifice, the liver or kidneys are then eaten raw and smaller pieces are placed on the ground for relatives’ and spirits to share in this honor.

The first hunt and first kill prepares the young hunter for his future journey, as the same skills, knowledge and respect will be used in every aspect of his life while he accomplishes his goals. The “one arrow, one kill” teaching, suggests that our focus, dedication and the utilization of one’s prior life’s teachings will assist us in understanding the one life that we have on this earth.

The Elk depicted above has been acknowledged by many tribes as a gift from Creator to provide the people with food and clothing.  Spiritually the elk also stands for love and compassion- the real journey in life.