On Wings of Song is designed on the music sheet titled "On the Wings of Song”, originally composed in the 1800’s by Felix Mendelssohn-Hartholdy who was born in Hamburg Germany Feb. 3 1809- this copyright is cir.1939.   

This piece reflects the delicate nurturing of the relationship between a mother and daughter sharing the traditional teachings of life. Women are the cornerstone or foundations of all societies and the responsibility of how a young woman conducts herself in the world is dependent upon the teachings and examples demonstrated by her mother and family.      

This teaching is expressed by the mother as, “My girl, the Creator’s greatness can come as a powerful thunderstorm during the season of “Returning of the Buffalo” (spring) or as a delicate butterfly that flies among all the pretty flowers giving blessings to all”.

The three butterflies symbolize the mind, body and the soul; the places these teachings should reside. The largest butterfly in the center demonstrates the beauty that we feel when we are touched by this divine power. Mother and daughter are highlighted in blue to denote holiness and in red for the generations that will follow.