Spotted Horse Leads the Charge
Spotted Horse leads the Charge is designed on a Formula ledger, Fargo ND, cir 1928 in the 1800’s ledger art style with materials traditional to that era; ledger paper and color pencils. The ledger itself is a collective works of natural and chemical formulas or remedies for a variety of ailments. The author was somewhat of an alchemist in constructing these collections of these remedies.    This is a depiction of the War Chief, Spotted Horse as he leads a war party into battle dressed in full regalia wearing an eagle feather war bonnet with lance and shield in hand. He is mounted on a blue-eyed, bonnet-faced, paint war pony; bobtailed and painted with the power of the thunders. This display of bravery among warriors is of the highest honor and inspires the hearts of other warriors to follow as well as instills fear into the enemy.