Spring Charm
23  7/8” x 32  9/16”, Watercolor with Scherenschnitte- German Paper cutting, 2011

As the snow melts and Mother Earth awakens from her long needed rest, Creations canvas comes alive as the palette of wonderful blues, reds, yellows and orange is used in countless ways to create a beautiful masterpiece.

 The vibrant blue of the bluebird nestled within the dogwoods announces springs arrival and is a welcomed sight after the lull of winter.  As he takes flight, his path of delightful spiritedness weaves through the limbs and petals till he finds a new resting place to sing his song of happiness.

The Scherenschnitte adds a bit of lace detail and action to the bird’s aerial navigation.  The paper cutting is exciting for me because it’s enjoyable and tells the viewer more about my heritage, Pennsylvania Dutch; my people lived along the Rhine River in Germany and chose Pennsylvania to make their new home because the landscape was so much like the Old Country.