Sunshine Smiles on My Shoulders Searching for Chokecherries
12" x 7.5", colored pencil on  cir. 1874

Designed on Antique Ledger paper 1874 cir., the sun is symbolically depicted or referred to by Northern Plains tribes as the “Father of Life, Giver of Light”.  When the sun appears the new day begins.   

In this piece the sun brings warmth to the earth, all of Creation and to the woman, the cornerstone or foundation of all societies. Dressed in traditional Hidatsa/Crow clothing, she enjoys her walk through nature carrying an umbrella to filter the power of the smiling sun during her search for chokecherries.   

Chokecherries or “prunus virginiana” (species name), were a main natural staple of the Hidatsa and Crow Nations and continue to be used in ceremonies today.