Sweet Buffalo Medicine

We search for enlightenment in our own thought, using what we have gained through experiences and listening to the small simple truths all around us (sometimes the Creator speaks very softly).

Each of our own spiritual awakenings is very personal and we find a unique relationship with  the Creator.  The skull is a color gradation from red to orange to white, representing the change from protection to enlightenment to purity. The twelve spots remind us that it is good to be in spiritual thought twelve months of the year. Putting the Creator first those days will maintain growth and spiritual soundness. The horns on the buffalo are a protection piece. The yellow in the skull represents enlightenment and it is attached to the four directions establishing balance. The blue horn is a calmness of the days. The Medicine Wheel is a circle representing the universe and the center of circle represents the divine presence of our Creator. The shells are a tribute to the Secret Society of my Canadian relatives.