The Heartbeat of the Noisy One  
12" X 9 ", colored pencils on antique sheet music, The Woodpecker Song, 1939 cir.
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This original ledger piece is designed on a music sheet from The Woodpecker Song, music by Eldo Di Lazzaro cir. 1939. This illustration highlights a young mother as she takes her child on a tour through the woods to introduce her to the many gifts that the Creator has given the people and to begin her teachings of life.  They are greeted by the noisy one (Wood Pecker) whom makes his presences known with the tick, tick, tick, tick or the heartbeat of the forest.      The child stops, looks up and listens.  The mother say, “My girl, he is called the “Chief of the Trees” or “The Noisy One” by the old ones.  He loves us like children and will keep us from getting lost in the forest".

Traditionally, First Nation children are introduced by their elders to the elements and surroundings to understand that a power or life exists with all of Creation; a teaching that all of life is precious- “We are on this earth a short time”.