This depiction by Black Pinto Horse is of six horses (sacred dog) on a journey to the Lodge of the Whistles; each of them having unique parts to represent the people. The lead purple paint horse has one Eagle feather from its mouth - the one Truth. The Second Black Pinto Horse with the Red hand print on the shoulder - Touch the Enemy and surrounded by mystery. The Third Green Paint Horse with the shield marked by the buffalo is the strength and protection – spiritual growth. The Fourth Blue Paint Horse with the four feathers and the sign of lightning – from heaven and the elements from all four directions.

The Fifth Green Paint Horse with the spear and two Eagle feathers – symbolize justice of the two worlds.  The Sixth Blue Paint Horse is the pure nature of innocence. All six Horses are marked on the nose with the four directions and a circle around their eyes to better see the enemy. The Bluish/Green diagonal Eagle feather with the red hand print on it represents the unbalance ness of our society as spiritual based people. The hand print is the ownership to our own unbalanced status and the responsibility to change this through prayer and sacrifice. The Tree of life represents both the enemy of this ceremony as well as the past, present and future nations. The Four Squares represent the directions and the small white dots are the pure nature of these directions. Spirit lights of the relatives that have passed on, shine on a biomorphic background of chaos as they pity us in this life.