The Passing of two worlds is designed on a Warren & Gaumer Carriages, Buggies and sleighs letter head Oct. 27, 1873 cir.  This piece portrays the beginning of Western Expansion; the beginning of non-native settlers to indigenous lands bringing European ideology and innovation to a once traditional world.  The buggy represents a European courting buggy often referred to as an Amish buggy from the east.  The color representation, black, denotes the unknown future of a new people.  The yellow horse represents the enlightenment and concept of Manifest Destiny.  Above, a female rides a brown and white paint horse to represent the people of the earth and the innocence of nature.  The red dress that she wears, symbolizes her love for her traditions. 

Because the females are the foundation of all societies, she is made the subject.  Following behind, is a travois that carries two bundles; the first bundle is the fate of her people-red symbolizing the blood of her people, the second is a buffalo hide to denote the ancient traditions that are part of their ways.