The Veil Between the Two  Worlds is designed on a “City of Great Falls” ledger cir 1918 using traditional materials as were used during the 1800’s ledger art era; pencil and colored pencils. The image conveys the minute, seldom seen veil that exists between the living and spiritual world. The spiritual world is viewed by many as a mysterious stage at the end of life as we see it, although, it is just the beginning of the releasing of the soul, and just a breath away, a mere beat of the heart, from the living.

Illustrated in the upper right corner are seven lodges.  The number seven represents the beginning of a positive change after the completion of a cycle; a renewal to all life.  Centrally designed is a chief dismounted from his horse, bending down in wonder, as the veil between two worlds is revealed to him.  Opening the blue veil, blue meaning holy or sacred, he discovers the change- a renewal of traditions, culture and language of his people as well as a new understanding of life and his people’s future.  As a leader, he carries the very large responsibility of guiding his people through the obstacles of life and on into the afterlife.  Four butterflies symbolize the four directions of the great power of creation.  The single yellow bird denotes the warrior’s enlightened state of being and the delicateness of this newfound, beautiful understanding.