From the Center Comes Three

Illustrated in 2009, during the Red Earth show of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, “From the center comes three" ledger is designed to demonstrate the center of mankind; your mind, body and soul. From a traditional reference,  there is a story about the Three Sisters and their contribution to the people as they became Corn, Beans and Squash.     “Known as the “sustainers of life,” these are the basic foods of sustenance. They are seen as three beautiful sisters, because they grow in the same mound in the garden. The corn provides a ladder for the bean vine. The squash vines shade the mound and hold moisture in the soil for the corn and beans. The well-being of each crop planted is said to be protected by another. Many a legend has been woven around the Three Sisters- sisters who should be planted together, eaten together, and celebrated together (NC Museum of History)”.     This image is also significant to the collector's admiration and beauty of her three special daughters.