Water Blessing
4’ x 3’
Mixed; oil on canvas with cowry shells and simulated elk’s teeth

Water Blessing showcases the buffalo as a symbol or icon of strength, resiliency, traditions and blessings. The light blue skull, symbolizes sacredness.  It is designed with red around the eyes to denote the eyesight of our Creator on all of life.  Four moons on the forehead keep the generations in our thoughts and prayers.  Behind the skull, the circle of life shadows these gifts in yellow to represent enlightenment.

The background is divided into two; the blue in the lower half symbolizes the sacred water that exists for all of life throughout the world which is the beginning element to all life. The “Blessing of the Water” Ceremony is the acknowledgement and the giving of thanks for this sacred gift from Creator. Six cowry shells accompany a yellow radiance, which demonstrate the water’s blessings onto the world. In the upper half, red is used to represent “the blood of the people” or mankind and the gifts and prayers that they give to the sacred water. 13 elk’s teeth are used to symbolize the 13 Grandmother Moons and our love for our maternal spiritual guides. Four feathers symbolize the four directions
Dividing the two worlds is a traditionally designed belt to honor the generations that have passed onto the spirit world and the traditions that live when their teachings and memories are kept alive.