War Pony and Shield of Blue Swallow

The depiction of swallows designed on the shield demonstrates the characteristics that are passed onto the warrior; swiftness, stealth and the ability to travel a great distance in his duty as a protector and provider to his people.
Seven stars represent the seven warriors placed in the night time heavens as protectors for all to see.    

The powers of these designs have been gifted to the warrior in his sacrifice during a vision quest or through ceremonies.  The power will serve as a guardian or protector for the warrior on his watch.  

The horse is a major part of a warrior's life and has become his trusted companion during his growth as a child to a young man.  They have built a trust and alliance and will walk together on this warrior path. The horse is depicted in the colors Blue and Red to represent Blue for Heaven and Red for Earth. Two feathers tied near the bridle symbolize the physical and spiritual worlds.