White Buffalo Spirit

This piece announces the white buffalo calf prophecy.  The calico background is a color pattern that references the grandmothers wearing of calico dresses.  The lone blue buffalo depicts the calmness of a powerful animal. The color blue signifies subtleness.  The white is to bring forth the presence of the white buffalo calf. 

The diagonal feather is a symbol of the struggles keeping us from being balanced.  During times in our life, the elements in our environment can create an imbalance.  The buffalo footprints represent the steps taken in the four directions.  The center step is our personal step within the directions searching and growing towards a balance.  During our walk, we ask Creator to guide us and we look to Him for strength.  The color gold was introduced in this piece to signify a precious metal and the strength of it.  The twelve bells are ornamental pieces representing the months of the year.  To hear the bells is to acknowledge the presence of our Creator.