With Ceremony Comes Life
16" x 6.5 ", Colored Pencil on Antique ledger paper, Billings MT, 1928 cir.

Colored Pencil on Antique ledger paper, Belfly MT, Carbon County, 1928 cir. During Belfly’s peak in the early 1900’s it served as a hub for the railroad on its way to the coal mines in Bear Creek Mt.

In this illustration, four buffalo race across the prairie to demonstrate the change coming to Indigenous peoples. Above is a painted buffalo skull filled with sage to symbolize the beginning of a ceremony and the acknowledgement of the Buffalo Nation and its importance to the people’s way of spiritual life. Seated in the right and the left of the Heavens are four circles; two blue represent the Heavens and Creator that connect during these ceremonies and two red represent the human race and all living beings on earth.  

The buffalo nation represents life, longevity and the peoples connection with the Creator.  When a ceremony is conducted, our mental, spiritual and physical being is served in holiness.