With This Pipe I’ll Make Medicine is designed with colored pencil in the 1800’s ledger art style on Peter Dan Schaack & Sons, Wholesale Druggists, Chicago IL, cir. 1888.      

This piece centers on the intimate communication of a Holy Man with Creator, as his feet are planted firmly on mother earth and his prayers are focused to the heavens, fanning every word of his prayer upward. His pipe is securely held in his left hand to denote the closeness to his heart and the importance of the pipe in his prayer and this request.   

The Holy Man is wearing a buffalo headdress which is surrounded by a blue circle to represent the power of the sacred Buffalo Nation- it is worn by a man of great status among his people, usually holy men. His chest is painted in white to demonstrate humility & being pitiful before the “Chief that Sits Above”- the circles are the stars in the heavens. Seven blue circles rising upward symbolize the artist as the seventh son of his family as well as seven sacred rites gifted to the people by white buffalo calf woman.