The War Pony of Young Hawk

This work is a tribute to the Arikara Scout "Younghawk" who was also known as Striped Horn or Crazy Head and was born in 1859 below Mannhaven, Dakota Territory.  Today this location doesn’t exist and is about 18 miles northeast of Hazen North Dakota.  His Father was Horns-In-Front and his Mother was Red Corn Silk Woman.  Younghawk enlisted May 9, 1876 and became Private Indian Scout of the 7th US cavalry.  After returning from the Battle of Little Big Horn in Southeastern Montana, he returned to the bottomlands of Elbowoods North Dakota, on the Fort Berthold reservation in central North Dakota.  

The community of Elbowoods and other Native communities have long since disappeared and are underwater due to the construction of the Garrison Dam on Tribal land which resulted in the taking of 152,360 acres.  Over 25 percent of the reservation’s total land base was deluged by the dam’s reservoir (known as Lake Sakakawea today)” Younghawk and other Arikara warriors defended their traditional lifestyle so that future generations would continue to know where they come from in this ever-changing world.