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Holy Dog I
36" x 48 " , Mixed; Oil, Acrylic and horsehair

In the Arikara language there is no specific word for horse; the combination of the words Holy or sacred and dog make up the word for Horse (Holy Dog).     This piece announces the blessing and gift of the horse to the First Nation peoples. 
To read the full interpretation, click here.

*private collector, Missoula MT

"War Ponies"
20.5" x 28" , Mixed; Oil, beads and quill work medicine wheel

Make inquiries with the Underbrush Gallery, (701) 235.2228


Ponies and Butterflies
26" x 32", Mixed; Acrylic and Oil

*private collector, Fargo ND

A piece collaborated by Black Pinto Horse and wife Emily.

The Trinity                                  
14" x 18", Oil

*private collector


"Four Dance Ponies"
20" X 28", Mixed Media; Oil, quill work medicine wheel and horsehair

*private collector, Austria 

This mixed media piece illustrates a celebration of life demonstrated by four dancing ponies. These four black & white paint ponies symbolize the four stages of life; Birth, Childhood, Adulthood, Spirit hood.
To read the full interpretation, click here.


Spotted Horse Trail
12" X 20", Oil

*private collector, Pelican Rapids, MN


21" X 36", Mixed; Oil, Quill Work and Horsehair
*private collector, Minot, ND

This piece is designed to portray the journey and ascension of one’s internal self to enlightenment, much like the symbolism used by artists of the High Renaissance Era. These renaissance artists utilized diagonal composed subjects to demonstrate the ascension of man to god. This collaboration of media demonstrates the ascension of the inner self/outer self represented by two Buckskin paint horses that are on a journey to enlightenment. These two paint horses travel in the direction of a single feather and the medicine wheel which represent the one truth, and all that reside within (the universe). Red is the blood of all living beings, blue is the heavenly body that exists in all of life, white is the purity and yellow is enlightenment. 


Elk Soldier Ponies
32" x 26", Mixed; Oils, Acrylics, and Simulated Elk Teeth


Night Thunder Pony
29" x 32", Mixed; Oils, Horse Hair, and Beadwork

*private collector Lawrence, KS

Night Thunder Pony uses blues to demonstrate a heavenly presence during a journey at night. The journey trail is enlightened by Grandmother Moon.  A lone Yellow horse references the horse that raced the Buffalo and saved the people and restored the order of man. The Arikara tradition of the Yellow Horse comes from the south direction and the thunder beings and our past relations come from the Southeast. Four medallions with horse hair commemorate the Holy Dog Nation.


Grandma's Quill Ponies
20" x 24", Oils
*private collector, Australia

Grandma’s quill ponies signify a window in time that recognizes the compassion, wisdom and patience of our Grand Mothers. The window of time reflects the traditional application of quillwork used to adorn the garments of the First Nation plains tribes. A skill passed on from the Grandmothers to the young women that entailed traditional teachings of life and esthetic beauty in its creation.
To read the full interpretation, click here.


Night Raid
34 1/4 " x 40"
Mixed; Oils, Beadwork, and Horse Hair

*private collector, Minot ND

This piece is a tribute to Wolf Trail, the artist’s father and the sacred horse bundles. Wolf Trail’s favorite horses were Blue Roan horses. Seven virtues depicted as Blue Roan war ponies are dispatched from the lodge of “The Chief that sits above”. Love, Compassion, Courage, Honor, Resiliency, Wisdom, and Faith.
To read the full interpretation, click here.





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