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Head of the Heard, Lead Pony
16" x 30", Mixed Medium; Oil, beads, quilled medicine wheel  
*private collector, Little Rock AR  

“Head of the Heard, Lead Horse” was created at the renown Heard Museum of native cultures and Art, in Phoenix Arizona as a demonstration piece during the Heard Museum’s 50th Anniversary.  To read the full interpretation, click here


"Soldier Pony, I'm the Only One Who Came Home"
10" X 12",  Mixed Medium; Oil, acrylic, wood and rawhide 
*private collector, Browning MT       

The Sacred Dog (Horse) was a trusted companion to the Native American/First Nation tribes and more speciffically their Scouts and warriors. The bond between them was so intimate and personal that it was reveered as a spiritual partnership. This partnership is spoken of  in the Arikara "Bears Trail Song";" I'm the only one who came home" this songs pays tribute to one of two survivors of the Battle of Little Big Horn.


"Young Hawk Ponies"
26" x 31",  Mixed Medium; Oil, elks teeth, quill work

This piece is a tribute to Joseph Young Hawk – Arikara Warrior who served in World War I

Aug 4, 1914 – November 11 1918, a man/people without a country until the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924

To read the full interpretation, click here

Make inquiries with Missoula Art Museum, 406.728.0447


"Red Earth Ponies"
16" x 30 ", Mixed Medium; Oil, quill work medicine wheel and beads
*private collector, Browning MT

Red Earth Ponies is designed to illustrate the connection between the Sacred Dog(Horse) and the people.
To read the full interpretation, click here


"First Woman, A Flower Among Many"
12" x 16", Mixed Medium; Oil and beads

This piece is a tribute to all the first born women of the family and their important position they have to setting the example and leading a path to success. This piece is moreover honoring my eldest daughter Monica (First Woman).

Tiger lilies are flowers that grew wild among many flowers in the Dakota plains where we lived and were a special gift given to her when I returned from my travels on horseback.
To read the full interpretation, click here



"Three Rivers Horse Trade"
14" x 20", Oil
*private collector, Sheridan WY

Trading goods and horses among tribes of the upper Missouri was many times contingent on the relationship between the tribes. More commonly war parties attacked enemy villages and settlements in the hope of attaining goods and horses. These raids also served as rites of passage for young men to groom them as future protectors of the villages and families as well as leadership among the tribe.  This piece, Three Rivers Horse Trade depicts the exception of warring tribes, instead this is a time of peace. The converging of these three water ways to the one truth, represented by the feather is where this trade of the Holy dog takes place.


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