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Ree Chief
24" x 12", Oil on canvas

Make inquiries with the Underbrush Gallery, (701) 235.2228


" I am the Yellow Horse from the South"
10 " x 20 ", Mixed; oil with beadwork and quilled medicine wheel
private collector, TN

Based on a traditional story from the Arikara, “The Buffalo and Horse Race”, this story denotes the importance of the Yellow Horse to the Arikara.  To read the full interpretation click here


From the Stars and the Earth, We are Relatives
15" x 10", Oil on canvas
*private collector, Indianapolis IN



"Goes Ahead" Crow Pony
10" x 15", Oil and Acrylic on canvas
Award Winning:
* Cherokee Art Market, 2nd Place, Painting, 2009

* Eiteljorg Musuem of Western Art and American Indians, honorable mention, Painting, 2009

*private collector, Little Rock AR

Goes Ahead, a Crow Scout that served with the Seventh Cavalry during the Battle of Little Big Horn, in June, 1876, was born in 1852 along, what the French fur traders refer to as the Flat river(commonly known today as the Platte River, as the Crow were fleeing the small pox epidemics). To read the full interpretation click here.


I am Dancing to the Voice of My Father, Thunder
10" x 15", Oil and Acrylic on canvas

Spring time is the rebirth of life to Mother Earth and to all living beings. In many First Nation traditions, the sound of thunder signals the beginning of spring and the sound of life returning.  Lighting is the visual power of life sent from the heavens. Four flowers blooming with blue backgrounds represent the sacredness of the four stages of life and the holiness of the heavens and the life of mankind.As decorated horses are associated with a Warrior’s honor, bravery, accomplishments and divine protective powers, a Warrioir too celebrates life and the powers that bring life.

Make inquiries with Lodgepole Gallery, 406.338.2787


Crow Moon Pony
8" x 12", Oil on canvas
*private collector, Nixa MO
Crow moon pony represents a tribute to the last full moon of the end of winter before the beginning of spring; the reentering of life back to mother earth. A melting blanket of white, uncovers mother earth and releases her from her sleep, and the sound of cawing crows during this season annunciates the planting season for Native American plains tribes. The Dancing pony symbolizes the celebratory beginning of the return of life to mother earth. The background is designed with traditional crow or Apsáalooke tribal designs and colors. The Crow nation call themselves, Apsáalooke which means "children of the large-beaked bird." White men later misinterpreted the word as "Crow," a name given to them by their neighboring tribe, the Hidatsa.

Red Elk Pony
8" x 12", Oil on canvas
*private collector, Garrison ND



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