Sunrise Blanket II was designed as an acknowledgement of the continuing rebirth of all Indigenous Peoples of the world. The sunrise is regarded by Indigenous Peoples as one of the many centers of life-giving sources for all beings. It is a symbol, a reality that is imbued with deep cultural and spiritual meaning and story. It represents new beginnings, new life, hope, opportunities, and change.

This composition utilizes basic elements and color representations to convey each new beginning and hope. White and Green are present in the midst of the piece and (represent...need something here). The four tri-angles speak to innocence and new growth. Yellow is a dominate color that characterizes a state of enlightenment. Red signals passion.

The combination of Yellow-enlightenment and Red-passion conveys...(need something here, like "conveys , Orange is a created as a warm energetic color that signifies the movement. Blue symbolizes the sacredness of life. The color black denotes the mystery that is associated with the unknown.

The four nations are represented by red, white, black and yellow colored circles of life.