Porcupine climbed a tree looking for a place to cross the river; he wishes to dine on the bark of trees on the other side. Buffalo enters the picture when he too wishes to cross the river to dine on the tall grasses. In the story, the Porcupine and the Buffalo refer to each other as brother, friend and relative; this is presented to demonstrate healthy boundaries; the collection of people we allow or don’t allow into our life. As the porcupine crawls into the stomach of the buffalo he explores the buffalo’s vulnerable interior to find the weakness of this powerful animal, his heart. When Porcupine gets what he wants, which is over to the other side, with a shake of his tail, Porcupine kills Buffalo with a single quill to his heart. The moral: “Be careful of the ones that you allow closest to you, they are the individuals who can hurt you the most”.