Just a Spoonful of Color

This piece is a dedication to my grandmother, Sara Nell, a mother, wife, grandmother, great- grandmother, nurse and beautiful person.
As part of a black and white theme and painting mainly in watercolor, I personally could not stick to just a monochromatic image, but needed to add some areas of color, which in this piece are very significant to my life.  The color in this piece represents the color my grandma has brought into my life.  Because we live thousands of miles apart, we have our weekly phone visits and say to one another, “God has given you to me and me to you”.  Our relationship is very special; one that I truly treasure which is blessed by God’s love.  Some of the color she has brought into my life has revolved around singing.  She was a Sweet Adeline for many years and would introduce the jazzy tunes to me.  We would dance around the kitchen as she also made supper for us.  When she picked up the phone this past time, I began singing “Hold Tight” by the Andrew Sisters and she finished it.  We sing best a cappella, arms around another, tentatively listening and watching the other; our voices resonate into the heavens and my heart is filled with joy.  When we do get together, it’s time for tea, along with a few spoonfuls of sugar for her and for me, as we like it sweet.  We will laugh and enjoy one another's company and conversation for hours, possibly play the piano and sing.    Somewhere within our visit, we go over to visit grandpa, taking him roses and placing them on his grave with a prayer and a kiss.  Grandpa always gave grandma roses because he loved her so….and we love him so.