Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they neither toil nor spin.      -Matthew 6:25

Mother’s Gift showcases these deliciously smelling, small, delicate, creamy bells which are one of my mother’s favorite flowers that would bloom close to my birthday while growing up in the Mahantango river/mountain valley of Pennsylvania.  They blanket a large area by the woods, of which they have made their home and continue to sprawl. 

In May, as the Lily of the Valley are at their peak of deliciousness, my mother would pick a vase full of these white drops of beauty and set them in my bedroom.  As I grew older, during my college years, a visit from my mother meant a bushel of their sweet aroma to soon fill my dorm room.  It was a treat to smell such a familiar scent while away from the comforts of home; a heartfelt and special gift I certainly treasure.

Today, so far away from Pennsylvania and not a Lily of the Valley to be seen, I honor my mother with this painting.  Although so far away from her and my father I felt closer to them as I composed and painted these flowers which inspires me and allows for new creation.

The Scherenschnitte adds another dimension and also showcases the Lily of the Valley along with the tulip- one of my favorite flowers.  The paper cutting is exciting for me because it’s enjoyable and tells the viewer more about my heritage, Pennsylvania Dutch; my people lived along the Rhine River in Germany and chose Pennsylvania to make their new home because the landscape was so much like the Old Country.  I enjoy creating the designs just as much as I do the cutting.

Thank you Mom. Much Love, your daughter.