Spring Breeze
How I love to lay down in the cool spring grass and look up at all the beautiful blossoms- the air so fresh and the breeze a gift as good as gold.  Sporting his bold blue suit, a mountain blue bird flies through the flowers and perched overhead, sings his lovely song, “Oh how wonderful this warm air feels on my feathers this beautiful day”.   

Like ribbons of delight, my paper cutting is loose and flowing, much like that of the spring breeze as one feels it for the first time after a long winter of long johns, hats and mittens.  Indicative of Scherenschnitte, I incorporate paper cutting, adding my PA Dutch (German) heritage.  As I explore and research my ancestors and their folk art, it gives me excitement and an added interest- one might describe as “fancy”, as we are called the Fancy Dutch because of our great need to embellish things from furniture to forks to butter molds.