The Brooches Blessing
I find peace in the trees, while enjoying the breeze which is most pleasing to me.  Behind our home, lay the dark woods of the forest, and between the branches of the firs, poplars, maples and pines, one can hear the prehistoric call of the Pilliated woodpecker miles wide.  Foraging on the fallen down hard woods, male and female dine on the delicacies found within.  As they display their beautiful red combs, the loud KNOCK, NOCK, KNOCKING of their noses echoes through the Mahantango Mountain- feeding time to begin.

Pilliated's are a great comfort to me.  Every time I return to my families home in PA they show themselves and sound their beautiful call- a blessing.  This past visit, I was lucky to view his large wing span and hear the flight of his feathers as he paraded past my bedroom window; showing off perhaps or simply letting me know he’s there.  I am thankful.   

I chose to place him on a brooch as I wanted to showcase his dear face.  An old fashioned blouse with overcoat is a style of dress I am fond of, possibly born a century too late, accompanied with a green hat bow; it’s my favorite color.  I replay special times such as this in my mind…. walking up the garden path on cats feet, peeking around the wooded corner to see what it will reveal- a pecking pair, just feet away.