Dad's Darter
A hike in the woods, a fossil hunting adventure, crabbing in the Chesapeake Bay and a boat ride on the Susquehanna River; all fond memories I have shared with my father.  A sincere and caring man, honest and above all, hard work- doing the job right the first time, are all qualities that my father hold. 

Among other things, my father finds enjoyment in studying the weather.  He pays close attention to the areas/ states that we travel through, providing an accurate, up-to-date forecast so we better know how to plan for safe travels.  Not long ago, this fall, my mother and father experienced their own bit of scary weather when the rains fell for such a time that our house became and island and he had to walk through waist-high water, to carry my mother safely home from work.  The water was nearing a level that was putting their home at risk of flooding and just as the water peaked, my dad recalls looking out the kitchen window and seeing a vast array of brightly colored dragonflies flying just above the flooded fields of PA farming country.  The dragonfly is a water insect and a messenger.

Every time I see a dragonfly flying, I think of my father and his supportive, loving, genuine character.  As I grow as a woman, I understand more the child-like or sincere qualities of my father, much like that of an innocent boy, wide-eyed and curious about the world and its intricate workings. The dragonfly above is known as the violet darter and tulips are one of my favorite flowers that bloom during my birthday. This piece is in honor of my special father and his interest in these amazing insects and the gifts they provide.