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(sung to the tune of “My Favorite Things”, Sound of Music) “Bluebirds on boxes and frolicking foxes, kingfishers fishing and bicycle wishing, barn owls that fly with the moon on their wings, these are a few of my favorite things.”  - Emily Nell Yellow Bird

Emily Nell Yellow Bird's paper cuts with watercolor are unique and fanciful, combining the traditions of Folk- Art with the contemporary; some of her favorite things.  She shares her stories and heritage within her paper cutting watercolors, as she marches to the beat of her own drum.

"In recent years, as an artist I came to a realization that I was at a point of necessary growth when I asked myself, “How are my watercolors unique?” and couldn't answer. 

"It's important to know where you come from so that you know where you're going."
I have felt a deep need to learn more about the traditions and ways of my people.  I’ve turned my focus back to my roots, Pennsylvania German AKA PA Dutch in Appalachia country"
New Collectors

One of my favorite things is meeting the individuals who take a shine to the art that comes from my heart- beautiful connections

"The Many Charms of Nature; Chust fer fancy" exhibit
Paris Gibson Square Museum, Great Falls MT, Sept.- Dec. 28
If you enjoy treasure hunts, this interactive exhibit of 19 paintings from the "Centripetal Satire" Series & 9 paper cut charms is your pot of gold.  As an educator, Emily’s goal is to engage & educate while sharing a snapshot of her heritage.


Exhibit Instructions: Charms dazzle and delight the eye, while holding cherished moments that are more memorable than a magical horse flying through the sky.  Look for the charms that appear in your path- nine by the end- double check your math.   Begin with each question awaiting your attention.  Then observe, ponder and study.  But please do not touch, or the white paper charms can become somewhat muddy.  Match the charm with the painting, and there you will find…
the answer is waiting. 

As her untrained ancestors of the past, weaving watercolor and paper-cutting, this contemporary folk artist finds pleasure and joy as she incorporates her heritage while painting the many charms of nature, KFBB ABC/Fox news interview.  

"Chust fer fancy" is a PA Dutch phrase that translates to “Just for Fancy”.  Historically, the Pennsylvania German Lutherans & Quakers loved to decorate in detail everything from furniture to gravestones and plates to butter molds.  They are referred to as the "Fancy Dutch” while the Amish & Mennonites are referred to as the "Plain Dutch". 

"As I research my ancestors designs, it’s amazing, the comparisons I find in our artwork.  I revel at our love of flowers and birds.  Imagination, patience and embellishments are three things they impart and lastly I bring my heart."
Great Falls Tribune newspaper article.

What a lovely surprise!
Thanks for the flowers Mom and Dad!

View All Works of the Exhibit

"The Wild Life" Group Exhibit, Danforth Gallery, Livingston MT, August- September
The first red dot of the evening, "I Wandered Through Winter" sold to a couple who purchased the piece for their granddaughter.  Three works from the Centripetal Satire series received great exposure and compliments, website

Nelson County Art Show- Pekin ND, June 27-30

First Place
Mixed Media
"Collector of All Things Shiny"

"Saw your cut out pieces in Pekin. Just want to say it was refreshing and inspiring. Thank you for sharing!"    

- Jennifer Parker, Tolna ND

The Art Center, Jamestown ND, May 1-31

Two Person Show

10 of Emily's works from the
"Centripetal Satire" series will be exhibited with Black Pinto Horse's traveling exhibit,
"The Poor Boy and the Mud Pony".

Eats the Ashes and the Partnership

MT Museum Auctions- Winter

Midnight Matinee; I want to ride my bicycle 
I want to ride it now- 
Emily Yellow Bird 

My Little Red Wagon- Black Pinto Horse

Bigfork Museum of Art and History, Bigfork MT, October

"Near is the Night" exhibited during the MT Watercolor Society National Juried Show,
October 2- 31,
Bigfork Museum of Art & History, Bigfork MT

Opening Reception Friday Oct 5, 2012, 5 pm -7 pm

MTWS website


Writing Workshop, Whitefish MT, September 19-23

Listening to an exciting lecture by passionate Children's Literature professor, Anita Voelker, a memorable and inspirational teacher, I dreamed about becoming a children's book author and illustrator.  Now a goal, I am taking the steps to make them a reality- I am continuing my quest to develop my writing, with my focus on one particular picture book, "The Shadow".
My main requirement: TIME, which this workshop will provide...revise, EDIT, REVISE.  Illustrations have also taken flight in my mind & on sketch pad; my choice mediums- watercolor and paper cutting

no preview
Laura Munson leads the writing retreat nestled in nature on her ranch near Glacier Park.
New York Time's best selling author, Laura Munson, website
Big West Arts Festival, Sheridan WY, August 3-4
 "A Harey Tale" was the fan favorite-
it sold right out of the shoots & could have
sold a few times more....
thank you Barb for
allowing it to be on display
for the weekend....

a commission to follow.

Lancaster County Art Association, June - July
"A House Blessing; Fortitude" was exhibited at the Lancaster County Art Association during their 75th National Juried Show,
June 10- July 19, Strasburg PA

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