Collector of All Things Shiny; The winged metal detector
BEEP…BEEP…BEEP was the sound that brought us excitement during a treasure hunt with grandma and grandpa.  Sometimes we had to dig, down on hands and knees.  Sometimes we had to sift through the sand, toes wiggling and wriggling.  Sometimes we had to wipe sweat from our brow- grandpa would use his kerchief.  Regardless, we always had to bend over during our search for something shiny that was soon to reveal itself.  We were the metal adventurers- we never got rich, but are rich in memories.  This piece is meant to be viewed clockwise and one will notice quickly these clever birds stockpiling the lovely, shiny metals.

Magpies are quirky creatures, walking with a swaggering strut, their tails and wings flashing iridescence, adding to their eccentric flare.  Too many to count, magpies flock to the front of our yard.  Studying their behavior, it’s hard not to notice they walk to the beat of their own drum and seem quite sure of themselves. They are intelligent birds and learn quickly, sensing danger while never staying at the seed pile too long. They especially love to collect shiny things, taking them to their homes to admire their sparkle, while becoming part of the nest.