Crooning for Crocus and Everything Spring III
At first glance, the viewer will notice butterflies and wild crocus.  Upon close examination, mama and papa bird appear feeding their babies with tulip trees (historically used by tulip Fraktur artists to symbolize the Trinity).  This piece is “Chust fer Fancy” to represent parents nurturing their children and the strength that comes from their support and love during hard times and bad fortune. 

‘Jumps over the enemy’ was the ceremonial Native American name of my husband’s uncle.  I have often pondered this expression and applied it to my life, especially when the chips are down.  Out of vulnerability and lack of control shines grace and humility.  Fires rage through Yellowstone Park each summer.  Just as life and beauty grow from beneath the ashes, I too  experience growth and learn valuable life lessons from making good decisions while facing adversity …and through all of these challenges, my mother and father’s love and support have always been a comfort and cornerstone.