East Meets West
Growing up in PA, come nightful in spring and summer, I was tickled to catch a glimpse of the lovely large winged insect, the Luna Moth, whose wingspan stretches 4.5" and has rightfully earned the nickname, Moon Moth; only flying at night.  Now living in MT, we are no longer graced with its glorious presence.  However, the beautiful Bitteroot plant which is the MT state flower, is seen on our hikes on the rocky, dry terrain of the foothills, and whose low growing, pale, pink petals easily grab our attention. Before moving out west, I didn't know a flower such as this existed; its root is used for medicinal purposes.  I have incorporated the cycle of the moon within the petals not only for its name, but because I enjoy science and viewing the night skies. I suppose I have the best of both worlds as east meets west.