The Fancy Physique
Frills and thrills- the iris has such a presence- their delicate petals, scalloped edges and countless colors beg for attention.  It takes its name from the Greek word for a rainbow, which refers to the wide variety of colors found among the many species.  I grew up hearing my mother refer to them as flags. 

Years ago, as a thoughtful gift, my husband told me to grab my camera and took me to an Iris farm where thousands of colored petals blanketed a very large area.  I took many pictures of the beauties in all their grandeur.  The farmer of these Iris gave us a few bagfuls of bulbs before leaving- quite a lovely gesture.  We then gifted them to our mothers.  The iris in this picture come from the bulbs that are now mature flowers growing in a flower bed at my mother and father’s…share the gifts.