Feathers Fly When Foxy Comes By

As though you are reading a children’s book hanging from the monkey bars, the illustrations are meant to be viewed right to left.    

At dusk, nestled on the edge of the woods, between the alfalfa fields, is a farm.  On the farm sits a red barn, where the hen’s rest inside, bedded on warm straw…..until the bell rings, “Ring”, Ring” (Announcer picks up his microphone).  “Finish making your bets gents, the fight is about to begin”.   

“In the red corner representing all hungry foxes, skin and bones plus growling stomach is Foxy, whom flashes his shifty eyes.  He silently licks his chops as he eagerly watches the unsuspecting hens, leveling his gaze on the plumpest one”.       

“And In the white corner, representing the farm and all good hens, there is one meek and mild Suzy Q, dreaming of sugarplums while protecting her eggs.  She breathes a sigh of contentment as she snuggles yet further into the straw."   

“Ladies and gentlemen, can you believe the match up we have here tonight?  Suzy must have been sleeping with one eye open.  She is up on her feet and will soon feel the heat.  Oh my, what is this, a twist of the tides? Hen just may have the home court advantage- she is taking her gloves off.  Looks may be deceiving folks- she is one sassy chicken that won’t be pushed around in her coup.”    

“Her boundaries are set and her beak on foxy.  Hen gives him the one, two punch, wings flailing and feathers flying.  What did foxy get himself into?  Is this red head considering retreat?  Will this be an upset defeat?  Don’t give in the towel yet fighters, the winner gets a treat.”    

“Foxy has realized he’s stepped into the wrong ring and now he’s looking to beat the sting.  Uh oh- looks like this fox is in a heap of feathers and trouble.  The other hens have assembled their beaks- they stand over his hole at the fence waiting for his retreat- the only way out." 

"His hope for an evening meal, now deflated and stomach too, fox has escaped the maraud of hens by the skin of his teeth, tail between his legs.  Looks like mouse for the 20th time.”