Fine Tuned and Pitch Perfect
My favorite style of singing is acappella.  My favorite place to sing is arm and arm with grandma, harmonizing to Sentimental Journey or Amazing Grace, our attention on one another’s eyes and lips, voices melting like chocolate on a warm day.  Preparing for the stage, I can remember this reserved gal applying lipstick- although very young, I knew it was an important time for her, as she only opened a tube on special occasions.  Grandma was a Sweet Adeline.  Before their big debut these ladies did their share of practicing; warming their voices, finding their pitch and falling in rhythm.  My mother finds joy in singing as well.  Walking in their footsteps, I began my adventures with singing in our church, in school and onto the ethereal cathedrals of Europe.  While in Italy our director was pushing us to the max- we were tired from the many countries we were touring and our intense performance schedule.  However, as a good instructor does, with a charming spirit and grand arm movements, she pushed just enough to pull honey from the hive.  These beautiful birds need not practice; naturally they are fine tuned and pitch perfect.