Harey Tale II is part of the "Centripetal Satire" series in which I combine Fraktur (PA German Folk-Art) and Scherenscnitte (German paper-cutting) with watercolor.  In my research of Fraktur, I was quickly drawn to the circular shape of columns and cuts of a piece completed by a schoolmaster from the early 1800's (to compensate for their small wages, schoolmasters made and sold Frakturs such as birth and marriage certificates).  Putting my spin on the circle, I wrap familiar objects with irony to tell a fun story with a twist- I live for cleverness. 

Harey Tale was so popular, I inter-changed the Rockies for the Red Cliffs and made number 2.  Jack rabbits and sage brush explain an interesting road trip my husband and I took to Phoenix AZ where he was invited to show and sell his work at the prestigious Heard Museum Indian Art Market.  It’s about a two day drive, but this particular year we were determined to make it in one.  That was our first mistake.  What started out as a “Vonderful goot time” turned very quickly into a hairy ordeal.    

Not quite the stone age, but a time before GPS and Bertha’s notorious, RECALCULATING, I was expected to be the fool proof navigational device. Unfortunately my super powers turn off at 12:00 PM when I should be tucked tight in a warm bed.   Needless to say the dark skies were closing in on me and the north star was of no help because we were headed south.  As I told Monte to take a right onto that dark Utah road, I was confident it was correct.  As we began to wind on a road traveled by our lone car, it did not make me question my direction- we were on a journey and enjoying every second of the beautiful red cliffs, sage brush and…. jack rabbits. 

At first one, two, three; we were amazed at how large they were and their CRAZY jumping patterns.  Quickly they multiplied, as rabbits do, and we were no longer amazed at there long strides, but trying our best to dodge their THUMPITY THUMPS.  There was no chance we could miss all of them…their hopping to and fro, sporadic fast movement, jerky, quirky patterns.  It was as if they were all trying out for the quarter back position on the Utah Jacks. 

Now snow began to fall, mesmerizing our eyes, rabbits darted dizzying our minds and we climbed yet further into oblivion.  Red rocks lay on the road, fallen from the cliffs above, screaming “Hit Me”.  It was at this time I finally admitted, “Honey, I think we’re lost”.