Illuminated By Moon-glow
In the glow of the moon, the river reflects it’s beautiful rising colors and a deep hooting voice can be heard echoing through the dark forest. Large, lime green wings of the Luna Moth(a 4.5” wingspan) can be seen fluttering above the glistening ripples of water.  Camouflaged within the trees, the Great Horned Owl sits quietly as he waits patiently for his evening snack; his yellow-eyed stare, intimidating even the most powerful of mammals.  Wings now beating rapidly from both night time creatures, will Luna Moth make it safely to her place on the moon with the others?      

This commission was inspired by personal experiences:  During our Saturday walk, the day I began the piece, the crow was flying above and began to squawk. I said to Monte, “Look crow is telling us something.”  As soon as we both looked up, flashing by, his mysterious self, the Great Horned owl flew low in front of us, right over our path.  He continued through the trees and then over the water.  I re-played the experience in my mind until the images wrapped around and clicked.  My design changed a bit from the original, and I was very satisfied; the water I originally wanted to incorporate in the design came back to stay.    Two days after, on my windy walk, my eye caught a feather fluff blowing in the grass- I picked it up and brought it home.  I was not able to identify it, but knew it was from a larger bird.  Showing it to Monte he replied, "That comes from an owl".  "What kind" I asked?  "The Great", he whispered.  I had the pleasure of seeing him yet again one evening at dusk and heard him hooting two evenings in a row, all while I worked on the piece- blessings.  I havn't seen him since.